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    E-rate: Technology Funding for Schools and Libraries

    Educational institutions are heavily dependent upon technology to reach today’s students and patrons. At a minimum, schools and libraries need high speed internet access, telecommunications services, and internal connections technologies...

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    Five Ways to Protect Data in the Cloud

    As we've begun to adopt a myriad of cloud-based services, our network perimeter has become more expansive and therefore, potentially more porous. Cloud services may need additional open firewall ports, which is equivalent to opening more doors to your home.  On top of this, employees are now working wherever they want while utilizing a handful of different devices. Last but not least, your data is racking up an impressive amount of frequent flier miles as it travels and is stored in platforms strewn all across the country. So, how do you keep IT secure?

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    SE Lunch & Learn

    Security and Compliance in the Cloud: The New Perimeter

    One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is the need to secure and protect the data and endpoints that are necessary to enable a productive mobile workforce.  We’ll discuss how best to do this at our upcoming SE Lunch & Learn.

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