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    Established in 1988, we are an employee owned company committed to delivering engineering excellence and superior customer service. Our company offers a broad range of services including Managed IT, IT Security & Cloud Services to help our clients Get Ahead of IT.

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    A Layered Approach to Network Security

    A Cybersecurity White Paper In a 2014 report by Intel Security¹, it was estimated that the global cost of cybercrime is in excess of $400 billion.  This cost reflects lost...

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    File backup is one of the easiest IT duties to forget about….until you need it.

    In today’s world of phishing, ransomware and other cybercrime, it is far more likely to experience a data loss due to a cyber attack than a hardware failure.  SE FileProtect is specifically designed to meet the file backup and more importantly, file recovery needs of most small to medium sized businesses.

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    Two Simple Steps to Begin Outlining an IT Systems Recovery Strategy

    Does this routine sound familiar?

    As people are arriving to the office in the morning, someone is assigned to rotate the tape drives used for backup; the used tape is removed and the empty tape is installed. Once the tapes are swapped out, that same person brings the tape he/she just removed to a safe location for storing should at any time, it be required to recover the organization's data. 

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    April 6-7, 2016
    Marriott at Sable Oaks
    200 Sable Oaks Drive
    South Portland, Maine

    SE will be exhibiting at this event ready to answer network & IT security questions from LeadingAge members.

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