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Information Technology White Papers

Take advantage of Systems Engineering’s white papers, covering a variety of topics such as network, cloud, data management and IT security strategies.


Modern Defense in Depth: An Evolved Approach to Cybersecurity

Make your business less attractive to cybercriminals by implementing a modern cybersecurity strategy.

E-rate: Technology Funding for Schools and Libraries

Understand how to navigate the E-rate funding application process.

Hyperconvergence: Simplifying the IT Environment

This new type of infrastructure has begun to generate growing interest among IT professionals. Learn why.

A Layered Approach to Network Security

Mitigate your organization's risk of zero-day attacks and cyber threats by implementing a layered approach to network security.

Email Security: How it impacts PII and PHI

Learn how email encryption provides you with an additional layer of security when sending PII and PHI.

Data Governance and Data Protection

It's important to remember that data governance and data protection, otherwise known as backup and recovery, have important roles to play. Learn more...

Preparing for a Data Breach

Breach response planning and cybersecurity are top of mind for organizations across various industries. Learn more...

Preventing Zero Day attacks and cyber threats using a layered approach to network security

Using a layered approach to security can limit your organizations exposure to threats.

Sustaining and Growing Business Through Effective IT Strategy and Planning

Create competitive advantage with an effective IT strategy.

Information Management Systems: Managing and Protecting Business-Critical Information Assets

Over the past decade the amount of data stored electronically by businesses has grown exponentially. SE offers several cost saving tips.

Increase Productivity with Remote Help Desk Support

As the role of technology in business operations continues to grow, the workload of internal IT teams has increased exponentially.

Business Continuity in the Face of Disaster

Derek Volk of Volk Packaging Discusses Disaster Recovery Planning on 'Mind Your Own Business'

Unified Communications

Business VOIP Case Study: Unified Communications for Camden National Bank

Assessing the Impact of Cloud Computing on Your Business

Cloud computing is a popular buzzword among business owners and technology professionals, but the actual definition is far more difficult to pin down.

Migrating Applications to the Cloud

Service providers have learned much about how to improve migrations to cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) since the first adopters made their transition.

Endpoint Security Protection: Endpoints Are the New Perimeter

It is well established that perimeter security is imperative to protecting company networks and information.

What you need to know about DDoS attacks

Learn how to defend against DDoS attacks.

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