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SE Desktop Defense

SE Desktop Defense

Vital Layer of Cybersecurity

Today, users require access to the Internet for many of the tasks they do each day from ordering supplies to social media marketing. At the same time new, or Zero Day, security vulnerabilities are frequently being discovered in business applications.  It’s essential to patch these security holes before cyber criminals get a chance to exploit the vulnerability.  Regulated organizations, such as healthcare and financial services, can be at addition risk if the safeguarding of personal data is put at risk due to out of date desktop patching.

SE Desktop Defense assures that your Windows desktops receive critical security patches on a regular and timely basis. All security patches are vetted and approved by SE each month making every effort to ensure there are no incompatibilities that may cause problems or loss of productivity in your environment. Clients of this service may request to receive a monthly report to show the patch dates and status of targeted desktops.

All SE Desktop Defense clients receive:

  • Monthly patching updates for critical security vulnerabilities in Microsoft and other third-party applications
  • Vetting of the latest security patches to minimize unintended disruptions
  • Reporting to assure you are in compliance
  • Safety in knowing when and who is patching your desktops