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SE PolicyAdvisor

IT Policies-as-a-Service

A top concern of any board or executive member is their organization’s ability to safeguard their firm’s most precious information assets.  According to a recent Ponemon Insitutue survey, 14% of survey respondents ranked their companies’ ability to mitigate cyber risks, vulnerabilities and attacks as effective, and 69% of businesses reported they did not have the in-house expertise adequate for achieving a strong cybersecurity posture.

At Systems Engineering, we know that at the heart of any effective cybersecurity posture lies well developed security policies and plans.  These documents are created to outline how a company protects itself and its information technology assets.  To service those organizations wanting to develop and maintain these critical resources, we offer SE PolicyAdvisor.  This annual service enhances a firm’s focus and attentiveness on security and continuity needs by delivering a(n):

  • Information Security Policy defining the standards and processes your firm uses to secure your network and data.
  • Technology Acceptable Use Agreement articulating acceptable employee uses of your firm’s technology, in addition to the consequences of misuse.
  • Business Continuity Plan that demonstrates to your clients, shareholders and partners that your business is prepared for the worst.
  • Tabletop Business Continuity Exercise to challenge the integrity of your plan in a safe environment, with a written recap advising opportunities for improvement.

If you are interested in learning more about the value SE PolicyAdvisor can bring to your company, fill out the form located on this page.