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Systems Engineering (SE) understands that government and public sector agencies use network communications including VoIP and other IP-based solutions to accelerate decision-making, improve service effectiveness, and to protect citizens. In addition to the obvious 24×7 requirements of public safety and EMS departments, more local governments are providing 24 hour services to citizens and always-on access for teleworkers and mobile end users. SE helps governments and public agencies strengthen their IT infrastructures, improve productivity, control costs and generate a positive return on investment in information technology. SE Managed IT and IT Security services help government and public sector agencies:

  • Find comfort in a fixed, known, affordable budget
  • Gain access to experienced staff with a wide range of skill sets
  • Achieve higher uptime, increasing end-user productivity
  • Protects vital data against unauthorized access
  • Procurement strategies leveraging manufacture channels specific to the needs of the government market
  • Achieve aggressive uptime SLA for your public safety requirements through our IT response services.

SE recommended IT services for Government:

Enterprise Mobility + Security designed for the unique and evolving security requirements of the United States public sector.

SE Critical Care 24×7 coverage and response, safeguarding you from unplanned and unbudgeted network repairs.

SE Encrypt protects sensitive information over unsecured email.

SE Essentials offers comprehensive IT services at a predictable, per-user, per-month rate.

SE Security Awareness Training strengthens your ‘human firewall’ to better avoid data breaches and malware infections.