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Systems Engineering has extensive experience providing information technology solutions to hundreds of northern New England school systems. We help school systems leverage IT to manage growth and streamline internal operations. We work to minimize operational risk while aligning IT with your goals to achieve academic and operational excellence. As your IT partner, SE is committed to providing the highest level of support and services to your students and teachers by focusing on:

  • Designing and deploying robust, secure wireless infrastructures
  • Minimizing network downtime, keeping the learning environment productive
  • Securing and encrypting sensitive student data
  • Providing seamless IT services to all facilities regardless of location
  • Maximizing your school’s investment in technology
  • Monitoring and maintaining the health of your networks

E-Rate for Schools and Libraries

We participate in the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) E-Rate Program as an eligible service provider.  We offer Category 2 services as outlined in the program.  Our 498 ID (formerly know as SPIN) is available upon request.

SE recommended IT services for schools:

SE Encrypt protects sensitive student or school information over unsecured email.

Enterprise Mobility + Security manages your mobile staff and secures your school in the cloud.

SE Secure is a multi-layered technology defense with active network monitoring.

SE CleanMail provides an arsenal of technologies with multiple layersof analysis to determine the probability that an email is SPAM.

SE PolicyAdvisor ensures your cybersecurity and business continuity policies are available, tested and maintained on an annual basis.

SE Security Awareness Training strengthens your ‘human firewall’ to better avoid data breaches and malware infections.