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TruChoice Federal Credit Union

A Financial Industry Case Study

Keeping IT Simple

TruChoice Federal Credit Union is committed to making member banking simple. As part of the credit union’s strategy to improve ease and accessibility for members, TruChoice management made a commitment to achieve outstanding electronic delivery service.  Called “on-the-go” banking, the 2011 strategic initiative included online banking services, bill payment, mobile banking, and online account opening capabilities.

The Challenge

“On-the-go online banking reinforces our commitment to making our members lives easier by saving them time and money,” said Sherri Evans, CFO of TruChoice. “It helps to eliminate the stress and hassle that money matters create by eliminating unnecessary paper work and hurdles so that members can focus on the more important things in life.”

The strategy was spot on. Unfortunately, the technical execution proved to be a trying experience, as TruChoice encountered a number of network ‘gremlins’ that caused occasional service disruptions and temporary downtime.

The Solution

After being referred to Systems Engineering (SE) to help fix the network glitches, TruChoice began what has become a long-term relationship with SE and account representative, Justin Whitlock.

In order to minimize downtime and temporary service disruptions, SE worked within TruChoice’s preferred maintenance windows, which often meant overnight or on weekends.  SE migrated key servers onto a virtual platform, and installed a robust storage area network (SAN) in both a production and in a disaster recovery environment. Once the network environment was stabilized, TruChoice was able to focus on developing a strategic IT plan for the next 3-5 years. SE assisted in the development of this plan.

The Result

With help from SE, TruChoice is firmly focused on the future and on improving the member banking experience. SE provides ongoing help desk support, 24×7 network monitoring, regular network administration, SAN expertise, server patching, and generates reports for compliance purposes.

“We wanted to create a more stable environment, focusing on network security, data back-up and efficiency,” said Sherri. “Systems Engineering has helped us make significant progress toward reaching that goal in a relatively short period of time.  On top of which, they were creative, flexible, efficient and a pleasure to work with.”