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Preti Flaherty

A Law Firm Case Study

Server Virtualization Yields Seamless Backup, Disaster Recovery Capacity and Reliability for Multi-site Law Firm

  • Server Virtualization
  • Virtual Infrastructure
  • VMware Virtualization Software

The Challenge

When Darryl Hendricks joined Preti Flaherty as Director of Information Technology, he performed a comprehensive evaluation of the firm’s IT infrastructure, which supported 200 users at multiple locations around Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Following a thorough internal review, Hendricks and his four-person IT team decided that Preti Flaherty could benefit from an outside, strategic IT perspective. The venerable law firm turned to Systems Engineering.

“I don’t know of any other supplier that has the depth and breadth that Systems Engineering has; from programmers, to Cisco engineers, VMware engineers, Microsoft engineers – no one else has that kind of expertise on tap,” says Hendricks.

The Solution

With SE’s advice, Preti Flaherty selected a VMware virtualization strategy to strengthen their core infrastructure and to establish a solid IT foundation for the future. Several physical servers were replaced; in their place a high availability virtualized platform was installed that improved performance, capacity, and reliability.


With a VMware virtual server platform and a new Cisco network, Preti Flaherty now has consistency and reliability across their entire multi-site network. With VMware, future expansion is much easier; system backups are seamless; and disaster recovery capacity is optimal. By eliminating the need for multiple physical servers, Preti Flaherty also saves on energy costs by having reduced the electrical load in the server room with server virtualization. With tier one network platforms in place, Hendricks and his crew feel confident that they have a stable and reliable system to help the law firm continue to focus on its core business without interruption.

“Systems Engineering works with me on my goals,” says Hendricks. “They don’t try to sell me things I don’t need. They don’t push technologies that don’t fit. They listen to me and give me suggestions and recommendations. If they think I’m missing something, they are going to tell me. It’s a partnership that works to achieve the firm’s goals. For us, it’s about building long-term relationships and working together to solve problems.”


Systems Engineering is an authorized member of the VMware Partner Network with a competency in Infrastructure Virtualization.