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Macpage, LLC

A Financial Industry Case Study

The Challenge

When the CPAs at Macpage needed help maintaining their state-of-the art “portable” Compaq computers in 1987 they turned to SE to keep them moving. Since then, “Macpage” has grown, and the technology needs required to support one of Maine’s largest accounting firms, has grown right along with them. At the same time, the software and systems have evolved significantly in capacity, sophistication and complexity. With more than 100 employees in Macpage’s South Portland, Portland and Augusta offices, the firm needed to improve network security and provide remote access to client data to teams in the field. For Macpage’s busy CPA firm, downtime was is not an option.

The Solution

Macpage utilizes SE expertise that combines high-end computing and IT systems design with vertical applications experience. SE’s unique, business-centric perspective of the professional accounting marketplace was employed to help grow Macpage’s operational capacity.  Working in virtual partnership with Macpage, SE built a robust and stable IT system capable of supporting their strategic business goals and objectives. In addition to implementing a highly available, fault-tolerant network with remote access, SE provides a full range of IT managed solutions. This support includes 24×7 network monitoring, systems security, software licensing, server and workstation patches, operating system updates and hardware maintenance.

The Result

Whether they are working in a client’s office or preparing for a meeting from a hotel room, Macpage accounting teams now have complete remote access from the field. Taking the relationship one step further, Macpage recently decided to outsource technical support through SE. The accounting firm believes that SE offers more than technical and CIO-level consulting; in their opinion, they provide “peace of mind.” And while both companies have grown significantly over the past 30 years, Macpage continues to rely on SE to keep them ahead of IT.