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Systems Engineering Technology Case Studies

Financial Industry

Biddeford Savings Bank

Learn how Systems Engineering worked with Biddeford Savings Bank on a much needed network overhaul to keep the bank ahead of any IT issues.

Camden National Bank

A Unified Communications initiative to upgrade and integrate the bank’s disparate telecommunications systems.

Dufour Tax Group, LLC

Learn how Dufour Tax Group, LLC reached out to Systems Engineering to obtain a fast and robust solution for their IT needs.

H.M. Payson & Co.

Together, H.M. Payson & Co. and Systems Engineering designed and implemented a system and infrastructure transformation that is efficient and responsive.

Insurance Trust

Insurance Trust knew they needed to change their IT environment if they wanted to meet the objective of being fully operational at a time of disaster. With half their IT environment already aligned in the cloud, it made sense for Insurance Trust to consider Microsoft Office 365. Find out how Systems Engineering fulfilled Insurance Trust’s objective to remain secure and accessible with a fully integrated cloud migration.

TruChoice Federal Credit Union

TruChoice had developed the perfect strategy of delivering a seamless, ‘on-the-go’ banking platform for their members. Unfortunately, ‘network gremlins’ were standing in the way, causing temporary disruptions and costly downtime.



Read how ReportingMD worked with Systems Engineering to tailor a network design to meet the needs of their extensive data mining and analytics business.

Seacoast Mental Health Center

Learn how Seacoast Mental Health Center hired Systems Engineering to assist with making their network more robust and secure so their internal IT team could focus on more strategic projects.

Law Firms

Shaines & McEachern Case Study

Local and State Government

Somerset County

While searching for a new Director of Technical services, Somerset County utilized SE Virtual CIO to keep their internal IT team stable and initiatives moving forward.

Professional Services

ethos | VONT

With Systems Engineering’s help, learn how Ethos|VONT successfully moved in two days with minimal disruption to employee productivity and, most importantly, customer service.


Macpage, LLC

Whether working in a client’s office or preparing for a meeting at a hotel, Macpage now has a highly available, secure network with remote access.

Preti Flaherty

Server Virtualization
Virtual Infrastructure
VMware Virtualization Software