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SIEM Solution for Managed Service Providers

Proven Security Information and Event Management Services offered by Systems Engineering

Cybercrime is on the rise; and organizations everywhere are facing a daunting cyber threat landscape. These challenges are creating a need for MSPs to deliver comprehensive log management, security event correlation and compliance based reporting solutions to their clients. Clients are demanding their MSPs provide them with a security solution that helps them fight cybercrime and, for some, meet federally mandated compliance regulations. But for MSPs to deliver a robust, fully maintained solution requires a significant, ongoing investment in people, processes and technologies.

Introducing SE EventWatch® for MSPs

SE EventWatch for MSPs is a turnkey security solution that delivers a compliance-based framework using best-in-class technologies and highly trained security professionals. SE EventWatch for MSPs provides real-time log management, 24×7 security event monitoring, intrusion prevention, vulnerability scanning, and compliance reporting as well as appropriate response times designed to protect your client’s network. In the event of an incident, Systems Engineering’s (SE) team of security experts has the information and tools necessary to quickly evaluate the risk and provide appropriate response, minimizing the threat to your client’s data and reputation.

Let SE do the heavy lifting, while you and your clients realize the benefits of a proven SIEM solution.

Schedule a live demonstration with one of our security experts.

SE EventWatch® for MSPs benefits:

  • Fills the security need in your managed services offering particularly for your compliance-based clients (GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA)
  • Increases your value to the client by knowing when and by whom critical network changes have been made or new network vulnerabilities have been introduced.
  • Provides a portal for real-time access to data and reporting with quick access to forensics in the event of a breach
  • Provides compliance reporting tailored to your client’s need in the event of an audit
  • Provides a recurring revenue stream without the headache of keeping pace with the constantly evolving threat landscape
  • Assures client relationship integrity with a non-solicitation agreement

Schedule a live demonstration with one of our security experts

SE’s managed SIEM Service Benefits for Your Clients

  • Protects client and/or patient data along with your intellectual property and reduces the burden of compliance
  • Delivers 24×7 log management and proactive security monitoring for your network perimeter devices and internal systems backed by a team of security professionals
  • Provides incident response to stop malicious activity when it starts
  • Predefined alerts provided based on your compliance framework as well as customized alerts to meet your specific requirements or thresholds
  • Receive alerts when changes to critical network devices are made and records what was changed and who made the change
  • Maintains historical log data with powerful search capabilities for forensic analysis of security incidents
  • Offers standardized reporting based upon specific compliance frameworks